Hospital Readmission


Finally, a 21st century approach to reducing hospital readmissions and improving patient outcomes!

Are Readmissions Eating

into your

Bottom line?

Hospital readmission rates are a growing threat to your bottom line and unfortunately the numbers are climbing.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will reduce Medicare payments to hospitals that have higher than expected readmission rates, levying more than $200 million in fines to over 2,000 hospitals beginning October 1, 2013. And as the conditions evaluated by CMS for readmissions review increase from 3 to 6 in October 2014, penalties will also increase!

The Patient Buddy app puts your hospital in a position to keep readmission rates in check!

Patient Buddy helps ease the workload of managing discharged patients by improving communications between the patient and the case manager-using secure mobile technology via phone, email, and text message-while monitoring critical recovery indicators. Communications between the case manager and patient are facilitated through Patient Buddy quickly and easily, removing the barriers that sometimes exist post discharge.

Streamlined workflow, enhanced communications, and patient monitoring all provide for better care coordination and patient interaction.
Easy access to Medication and Discharge information effectively tackles the most common problems of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the treatment plan by patients.
Patient Buddy helps patients record when prescribed medication is taken right in the app. Doing so allows for the accumulation of more accurate medication adherence data. Data is Available then to the case manager for review and discussion with the patient and to produce adherence reports for improved care coordination and or treatment plan modifications.
Convenient quick access to emergency 911 services, triage nurse, or the case manager in case of medical emergency.
Intuitive and efficient method in which case managers can create new patient records or flag patients for close monitoring and attention.
Comprehensive graphical representation of a patient’s adherence data with views showing daily, weekly, and program to date adherence.
Archiving of all communications with patient to case notes.
Integration with popular EHR programs for quick import of patient data and discharge information.
Gamification avatar Buddy, helps to motivate patients during the recovery period and remind them when to take medications or when new communications are received.

better Manage


Patient Buddy is designed to improve the efficiency of managing your discharged patients. For any patients considered to be at high-risk for readmission, the case manager can flag and closely track patient progress to plan. This is just one of the many features offered by Patient Buddy to streamline patient management and improve workflow.

Below are examples of other features found throughout the app:

  • Patient contact information, medication profile and discharge instructions all in one place
  • Dashboard presenting Patient Performance for quick review and action
  • Case Notes capturing all correspondence
  • Free-form and email templates to make contact with patients fast and efficient
  • Analytics engine sorts patient incoming data into high priority contacts for that day
  • Secure email and text messaging are internal communication functions to the app
  • Alerts tab details any patient that has missed critical medications
  • Group communication feature for email and text messages to multiple patients

Meet Buddy,

our gamification avatar!

To engage and keep patients motivated "Buddy", our lovable puppy avatar; uses elements of gamification which appeal to our inherent sense of altruism.

Buddy’s interactive nature helps keep patients motivated to stay on track during the recovery process. Buddy helps by reminding patients when to take their scheduled medications, encouraging full day and weekly medication adherence, reinforcing discharge instructions and reinforcing the need to follow the treatment plan. Buddy also helps along the way by continuously encouraging the recording of accurate and useful clinical information in the Patient Buddy app… and much more! The idea of winning rewards for Buddy and not oneself helps to motivate patients to keep progressing forward with their treatment plan and ultimately their recovery.


Patient Buddy addresses the root causes of hospital readmissions by combining powerful communications, patient medication adherence monitoring, and data analytics to keep case managers and care coordinators connected to their patients.

A first-of-its-kind mHealth solution, Patient Buddy won the ACT-IAC Incubator Award for innovation in a start-up app. Patient Buddy was selected from a field of 86 entries to compete for the innovation awards. Through a process of multiple eliminations, 30 finalist apps were chosen. Then the top eight apps out of 30 finalists were picked. Patient Buddy ultimately was selected by a panel of 4 judges to win the ACT-IAC Incubator Award for innovation in a start-up app.



Potential Readmissions

The Patient Buddy App Addresses 8 of the top 10 reasons Experts cite for Patient Readmissions

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